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iPhoneModem (One Click Access!) App Review : Verdict – Best Alternative to NetShare, Works the best!

20 September 2008 3 Comments

Test Environment :

iPhoneModem (Mac and iPhone applications – Both are required)

Macbook Pro , OS X Leopard 10.5.5

iPhone 2.1 (iPhone is now really Usable!)

Using Safari on my MBP as other apps need hacks to enable them.

ATT 3G / EDGE network (In Train (NJ-NYC) – Slight fluctuations, iPhoneModem very stable!)

We all know that ATT caps iPhone’s data capabilities at 1.4 Mbps but that is just enough for using it as a modem though all I can use is Safari for now. I am sure other applications can be used by configuring proxies or slight mods or hacks as usual!

I charged both my MBP and iPhone to the fullest and then jumped aboard the train to go to NYC from Long Branch (NJ). The 3G network is not the best in this route alright but I am amazed at the way iPhone switched b/w networks thereby enabling a smooth browsing experience using iPhoneModem.

As far as speeds are concerned, try not using your Mac for browsing media heavy websites! In my case, I am using it for documenting this experience while using Digg, WordPress, GMail, Google …. EDGE connection handles the load just fine with little or no interruptions! 3G kept rocking ever since iPhone 2.1 was made available for the masses. Take a quick peek at my iPhone 2.1 experiences, I definitely recall the 1.1.4 days when iPhone was REAL stable and we now get the same stability with iPhone 2.1!

Possible Issues with iPhoneModem

It drops the connection whenever you get an SMS and you reply it or when you open any another APP since iPhoneModem should be open at all times (they are working on it may be!).

It is a jailbreak app (available on Cydia for $9.99). A possible issue with this pricing model is, Cydia Apps are not readily available as soon as there is a new firmware release. But if you travel a lot with your laptop, $9.99 is a very cool price given a very professional application as it is. I am yet to have problems with it unlike NetShare!

Recommendations : Make sure you check for zsrelay for Insomnia mode and SSH tunneling! It can be found on Cydia. I can live without it though!

Windows Users : Look out for XP/Vista official support or ‘Google’ Proxifier, XP, iPhonemodem!


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  • Rob said:

    I have used iphonemodem for a while. I must admit that it was quite temperamental and regularly dropped connection even in the presence of 5 bars of 3G. It does not seem to work with iphone 4. I’ve just been trialling MyWifi and although $10 more expensive is well worth the investment.

  • Kiran said:

    I would go with using the default tethering app which can be activated by a special means….

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