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iPhone Developer’s Cookbook : Building Applications with the iPhone SDK Download PDF for $21, Book $25 (Cheapest)

13 October 2008 3 Comments

Well, we all know Erica Sadun and if you don’t – welcome to the world of iPhone adventures!

Erica’s iPhone cookbook is geared towards developers at all levels – be it a novice or a ‘I know it all’ guy! Erica’s mastery on this subject has bedazzled all of us in the pre-appstore days with some of her cool applications which ruled the iPhone turf for a while (SendSong, MakeitMine, VoiceRecorder…..).

Anyway, the basic idea behind this post is to introduce you to the world of iPhone Application development at a fraction of the price! Yeah, though the PDF version of this wonderful book retails at $31.99, our objective is to grab the eBook for about $21 (best price on the internet)! Please don’t pirate this eBook, lets show some respect to her skills.

Before we proceed, we need :

  • Slight knowledge in programming (C, Perl, Python, Javascript, ….)
  • An intel Macintosh computer with Leopard OS X (Preferred).
  • XCode and iPhone SDK (Free for all)
  • An iPhone for live testing
  • Loads of patience and determination!

So how do we get this eBook for such a low price :

  • Head over to this page. You will see a $28.79 price point. Lets make it $21 now!
  • Click on save more by ‘becoming a member‘.
  • Click on create a new account.
  • Fill in your details and enter the member code as CISCOUG.
  • You should now see the adjusted price! Unfortunately, tax is added for this eBook! May be you can give an NH address to avoid it!
  • Try giving this free eBook (Becoming an Xcoder) a go if you are totally new to Macs and objective-C.

Icing on the cake : You are also entitled for a print version of this book for $25 starting OCtober 15th with free shipping! Hard to beat the deal 🙂 Stay tuned for some of the best iPhone programming links!


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