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Don’t burn your Cellular Minutes, Call 1800, 888, 877, 866 Numbers for FREE!

7 November 2008 No Comment

If you don’t have a land line at reach (users are migrating to cellular services, right!), how are you planning to call support services, be it Credit card, bank, UPS, Paypal, eBay or any company for that matter (which has a toll free number of course!)?

I am not much of a voice user on my Mobile phone, mostly data (3G will lets incoming calls hit your phone unlike EDGE which forwards your calls to Voicemail box!). I had to use support services frequently and I had a look at my cellular bill, I almost exhausted my rollover minutes too (ATT). I was of the impression that Toll Free numbers are supposed to be free which is not the case technically!

Lets cut to the chase now. We can combat this issue by using either Yahoo Messenger! or Skype without subscribing to their Local Calling Service. Simple isn’t it? What are you waiting for, jump ahead to Skype or Yahoo! and download their messaging client (Windows and Mac) and start calling support numbers for FREE!

You can use Fring or any such VOIP/SIP client to configure them on your smartphones (iPhone, G1, Nokias to start with!) and use WiFi or 3G (not in all cases) to bypass the requirement of a Windows/Mac Client!

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