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iPhone 3G 2.2 Firmware Baseband 2.28 Unlocked by Proxy Sim(s)

12 December 2008 6 Comments

UPDATE : Software solution now released!

UPDATE : iPhone 3G 2.28 baseband is unhackable, all x-SIMs in the market saw a miserable failure (I have tested some and all of the rely on a IMSI spoof which was broken with 2.28. Buyer beware!

It is time for iPhone firmware 2.2 accidental upgrade users! Though iPhone devs have been hard at work chasing 2.11 baseband (they claim to have the unlock solution for 1.45, awaiting a 2.11 downgrade and a simple to use GUI). A much anticipated date of around Christmas for the unlock technique to be released is doing rounds too. Firmware 2.2 , baseband 2.28 users are left out in the cold when it comes to an anticipated software unlock. They have no other choice but to rely on proxy sim hacks which have been the only source for unlocking the iPhone 3G (though Apple released an unlocked version of the iPhone 3G in Australia, Italy,…).

Buyer beware, there are different kinds of proxy sims in the wild and some sellers on eBay for instance decieve the customers by selling the older version of the proxy sim which works with 2.2 firmware, 2.11 baseband iPhone 3Gs for instance. Only Rebel SIM sounds like a highly reliable solution compared to cheap fakes out there. Rebel SIMs are expensive, hence fishing out the right vendor may be a challenge.

Tips for eBay users (Please ask the seller these questions before you purchase)

1) Is it the no cut version for baseband 2.28?

2) Does 3G, EDGE, iTunes, SMS work consistently?

3) Can this sim be upgraded at a later time to accommodate a future firmware for iPhone 3G? (Rebel SIMs reportedly work this way).

4) Bargain, Bargain, Bargain and use BigCrumbs to purchase form eBay, they pay 36% of Seller’s fee!

Tips for users buying from other online sources :

1) Most sites are fakes. Check their online presence by going to whois.sc and typing their URL. If it is registered in the last few days, you might want to proceed with caution. Do a Google search on that site if you still want to buy from them.

2) I would definitely avoid these sites since there is no governing body unlike eBay, sellers are pushed to deliver or else they are dinged on their feedback!

3) Little room to bargain and the prices are often HIGH since they advertise online.

This is the first time ever this blog endorsed proxy sims because there is no other alternative for those who upgrade to 2.2 firmware ,straight from iTunes rather than by following a simple hack! Next time on, please wait a day or two and then get to the latest firmware, not necessarily from iTunes!


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  • Jasser Camacho said:

    Rebel Sim Cards really works. I accidentally updated my phone and had to a take my chance and give the Rebel Sim Card a try and it worked!

    Like it says above, it's a little on the expensive side, but it's worth it!

  • kkiran said:

    Well, they are not proven to be fully working… The sellers seem to be taking the process… Signal losses from tower to tower and stuff with 2.2 baseband…buyer beware!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • crockard said:

    I had just received an iPhone 3G from Germany (I'm in Italy) and now it's locked. Unfortunately the baseband version is 2.28 🙁
    In the iPhone there was an universal-sim, but with this I have not signal. Maybe with rebel-sim I could have an iPhone fully working … but I would like wait a software based solution for baseband 2.28 or a downgrade method.
    Any suggestions?
    sorry for my english, and merry xmas from Italy!!!

  • kkiran said:

    Merry Christmas!

    No solution for 2.28 yet 🙁 Hopefully soon…

    Sent from my iPhone

  • iphone 3g unlocked said:

    We can unlock the iphone

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