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All iPhone (2G,3G) Basebands in the World Unlocked [Surprise!]

31 December 2008 3 Comments

Such a wonderful feat, a blessing for all those who accidentally updated their iPhones to 2.2 (2.28 baseband). Dev Team hinted a 2.28 unlock in a screenshot released today boasting the ever popular 2.28 baseband unlock. Please STOP buying x-SIMs from China and look out for the real deal on Cydia : today (Dec 31st) at 11:59 PM EST. All the iPhones in the world released to date are unlockable via a software means and please refrain from buying software unlock from any website since Dev Team intends it to be free unlike some fake sites out there conning people. Happy New Year 2009!

Image courtesy : http://twitpic.com/yefu


  • manintoy said:

    where’s the unlocled software?

  • david said:

    hey kiran, long time man… i hope all is well and a happy new year to you.
    i was wondering if you know anyone that has perchased the iphone 3g online and kept the phone and not activated, meaning no contract and commitment. That is waht i did for the iphone 2g, so i was wondering if that was possible NOW that the iphone 3g is available for purchase online. I did call att and asked them how the activation process works and they said it would not come activated, but when i get the phone i would have to call them up and tell them to activate it thereafter. So in a way this is similar to the way they sold the iphone 2g and now since the 3g version is software unlockable i am so tempted to sell my 2g off and get the 3g one. Let me know if it possile or if oyu know of anyone that has done this.

    Also, i have iphone 2g 16 gb and i was wonder if there was a way i can use the phone as a flash drive as well. i have heard the in the 3g version you are allowed to mount the iphone as a hard disk but is the same possible for 2g version? i have searched many places but no luck.

  • kiran said:

    david : Hey! Happy New Year! I tried doing that with 3G (they will charge you ETF, Service charges and all, not worth it!)! I did it with refurb iPhone, I am returning it. Flash drive : There are some in the app store but you need wifi to put files on it. Not sure of a cable version, may be in Cydia.

    manintoy : Released!

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