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Download Slumdog ‘Oscars’ Millionaire Ringtones for your iPhone!

23 February 2009 No Comment

Slumdog Millionaire signed off in style at the Oscars this year. AR Rehman, the music director for this scinitillating adventure provided some remarkable scores which you may want your iPhone to sing them to you from time to time! I tried my best creating few ringtones which may be suited for personalizing tones to wake you from bed or alert you on your loved one’s calls. You may want to create some nice ringtones yourselves if using a Mac by following this simple guide.You may download all the ringtones by clicking here or clicking on the ringtones below.

A list of ringtones included in this package are :

O Saya

Jai Ho

Mausam & Escape

Dreams on Fire

Guzarish (From Ghajini, by AR Rehman)

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