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[FREE] 15 Google Wave Invites Up for Grabs! Only techies need apply!

1 November 2009 48 Comments

Google Wave is Google’s latest offering which is still in developer beta as of Nov 1st ’09. If you are an early adopter, love to try new technologies and are just plain awesome, leave a comment with your email ID in the format : username AT domain [user AT iLikeMyiPhone.com]. All emails in any other format will be deleted. If there are more people requesting for an invite, please make sure you support your request by a solid comment so as to how you would use it or your tech background. This is just to filter out those who are trying to sell them on eBay.

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  • mithin said:

    It will be great if you send me an invite. my mail id is mithin AT gmail.com

  • threbto said:

    me too pls email is threbto at yahoo.com

  • Corey Smith said:

    I'd really appreciate an invite! coreyas AT gmail.com

  • Harry said:

    I would love one at [superduperhk AT gmail.com]

  • Corey Smith said:

    I'd really appreciate an invite. I currently work in a computer repair facility where we use a terribly outdated database to track comments on all open work orders. I'd like to see how we could use Google Wave to streamline discussion about work orders in progress such as methods we have tried to repair the computer; what parts we have ordered and when we placed the order; who we've discussed the open work order with, etc.

    Our current database doesn't hide comments from the customers so we have to "summarize" what we did to fix the computer to hide methods and what not from the customer. Google Wave will give us a free "database" away from the customer's eyes and also a long-standing record of things we have done. I think it will make work a little more enjoyable too.

    I'm also currently studying Computer Science at University and have a real passion for all things on the cutting edge 🙂

    P.S. My intention wasn't to double post for an invite. I failed to login and post my tech background in the above post so admins please delete that one (or disregard it).

    Thank you!

    Please send me an invite:
    coreyas AT gmail.com

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Now that is an awesome request 🙂

    Invite on its way…may take few days for the actual invite to show up…Good luck!

  • Corey Smith said:

    Wow thank you very much! 🙂 I can't wait!

  • Corey Smith said:

    I still haven't received my invite :(. Is this normal?

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Give it some time (If you got the invite sent that is. Not everyone were sent invites cos' they are limited. Invites were sent to those who wrote about their need for one..)

  • Corey Smith said:

    The invite finally arrived! Thank you!

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:


  • Dominque Dejonghe said:

    too late? dominique.dejonghe AT iutum.be

  • Ricardo said:

    trblds AT gmail.com

  • Abbo said:

    Hi, I wish i could get one!!! I’ve been wanting this since it was brought out!! Could you invite me to Google Wave? thanks!

    muristenes AT gmail.com

  • T.J. said:

    bobelok AT gmail.com

  • Kapil Arora said:

    Would luv to have one !!!!!

    kapilchaya AT gmail.com

  • Michael said:

    tarrzn AT gmail.com

    I'm heavily into the design and web hosting arena and Google products, it kinda upset me to not have been auto invited as I use their products so much. I'm also in school completing my Network Systems Administration Degree, fun :-). Anyhow, I will return the favor and invite other fellow techies.


  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Invite on its way Mike 🙂 Enjoy school and some wav'in!

  • Ry@n said:

    ryan22 AT gmail.com

    hook me up with an invite and I’ll hook up someone else of your choice with one of my invites….

  • Hans Meier said:

    I would really like One to Test the possible use for my Company as a Comm/Cloud Tool on the iPhone. Adress is Spike.e AT gmx.Net.
    Greetings from Germany

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Invite on its way! Enjoy!

  • Mo J said:

    daiski AT gmail.com

  • Bazza said:

    Please include me bazanime AT gmail.com

    as an IM&T development manager I'd like to test this and see how I can integrate into into our office workspace for better collaboration and also for my IT students around campus for follow up and commentaries.
    Most folks can't see the full potential of Wave but I ca and I think is beautifuly impressive tech.

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Good luck with the integration! Take advantage of the full potential of G!Wave!

  • Kav said:

    Please if anyone can give me an invitation to wave: k.shahverdi AT gmail.com
    P.S: i am writing this in my iphone 🙂

  • Bam said:

    It will be great if you still have invitation left that you can invite me at bambang.kwek AT gmail.com

  • Mark said:

    mark AT markfslater DOT net Many thanks M

  • john said:

    barlocentos AT gmail.com

    thank you!!!

  • cain said:

    nartac AT gmail.com

  • Chris said:

    Hey Kiran

    Would like one to go along with my daily checking of iLikeMyiPhone and i promise that Google Wave will not keep me from checking here everyday.

    iLikeMyiPhone 4 Life

    wrxratd AT gmail.com

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Hey Chris! I sent you an invite already – remember we discussed it long back?! Hope you get it soon buddy 🙂

  • Chris said:

    Awesome Thanks

    How long does it normally take to receive it ?

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Less than 3 days the last time I checked!

  • Chris said:

    Ok thanks again

  • Ivan said:

    Hi, always iLikeMyiPhone.

    ivan.heredia AT gmail.com


  • Bhushan said:

    I run an iPhone application development company where I constantly need to discuss UI design, features and progress with clients and the developers. Using GMail for all this some times is a pain. I think google wave will help me and my team manage things better.

    Thanks a lot in advance !
    Please send me an invite: bhushan4 AT gmail.com

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Invite on its way!

  • Geode said:

    I'm a business school professor & serial entrepreneur wanting to use Wave in both my business and my classroom. 25 years in technology w/both business and engineering backgrounds. I can't wait! Thanks for your generous consideration!! Email: thegeode AT gmail.com.

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Invite on its way Professor 🙂

  • Fredrik said:

    ffredrik AT gmail.com

    Would love an invite! I currently work as an IT-coordinator at Norway's biggest amusement park as well as study applied computer science at Oslo University College.

    I love everything technological and always want to try out new things as early as possible. Thats why I have an iPhone 3G I got shipped from the us at release b/c it didn't come out in my country before several months later. I also bought the HTC Hero on release. Still not sure which one I like the most 🙂

    I would be most pleased if I could try out the new Google Wave. I have some on-line friends who have tried it, and I'm really eager to try it out as well!

  • torrentoff said:

    if any one can send

    torrentorss [AT] Gmail.com

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