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TeamViewer – Login to your Mac/PC Remotely from your iPhone for FREE

7 March 2010 3 Comments

I have been using TeamViewer and Logmein for quite sometime now. I find TeamViewer to be a lot more straightforward and easy since I can easily initiate a remote session with most of my less tech-inclined friends’ PCs/Macs when they need some help.

Logmein’s iPhone app comes with a $29.99 price tag while TeamViewer outed 2 iterations of their app – FREE and $99.99! I checked the FREE version out in the following video and it worked flawlessly!

Follow these Tips/Pointers for a quick head-start

Your friend should install this quick and simple client program on their PC/Mac for you to remote in to their computer.

TeamViewer automatically generates a 4 digit password for you. You can configure it to a static password from the Preferences window (General) so you can remotely connect to your computer from any where in the world!

This application uses quite a lot of memory. So for a smoother experience, it is recommended you restart your iPhone before using this app. iPhone 3GS gave much better results given its extra memory compared to the 2G/3G iPhones.

Your static TeamViewer ID is found in the recents section of the app. So all you have to do is just connect, even the password is saved.

You can actually remote in to your computer using more than one iPhone. I tried with 3 iPhones (one 2G, one 3G and one 3GS) all at the same time! Here is the video.

Download TeamViewer for your iPhone now!


  • Irha said:

    I was looking for better alternatives to the built-in VNC, and would have like teamviewer if not for the lack of support for mouse scrolling and keyboard special characters that I found with in the first 5 min of trying it. The VNC client I used (Remote Desktop Viewer on ubuntu) maps the Alt -> Command nicely and the scrollwheel works, but they didn't in case of TeamViewer and I didn't find any settings to adjust either. I am actually looking for something like RDP server that allows me to login without having to unlock the remote monitor (that way, I don't have to worry about locking both monitors when I leave my desk. Any suggestions?

  • Hildegarde said:

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  • mycomputerdoctor2012 said:

    I am an avid TeamViewer user myself. I use it for my clients for my business My Computer Doctor – http://www.mycomputerdoctor.net – I love the fact that even with slow internet connections such as DSL I can still do my job with ease. Thanks for the article!

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