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iPhone 3GS Price Drop @ Walmart ($97), AT&T’s Dirty ETF Trick, iPhone May go to Verizon

24 May 2010 10 Comments

It is evident that iPhone 4G is going to hit the scene this June. After Gizmodo’s leak and supposedly poor iPhone sales ever since, Apple decided to lower the price of the 3GS iPhone. It is available @ Walmart (Brick and Mortar stores only btw) starting 25th May, 2010. This may be the only chance to nab an iPhone 3GS with normal ETF of $175 (if you wish to cancel in the future).

Why a $100 price-cut on the most powerful iPhone ever?

Well, Gizmodo’s iPhone 4G leak supposedly weakened all iPhone sales (complains Apple). iPhone 2G has been quietly phased out (no more future updates and all 2yr warranties may have worn out by now) and iPhone 3G is next. They clearly lack the punch to handle the power-packed next-gen iPhone apps.

Android’s super strong response to Apple’s Flash ban in the form of Android 2.2 (Froyo) put them right in the spotlight. Android now leads phone sales when compared to Apple leaving Apple no chance but to make some serious announcements/decisions. Androids power lies in open source firmware and Google’s supporting nature towards mods/hacks unlike Apple.

AT&T’s Dirty ETF Trick : Possible Verizon-iPhone deal?

AT&T will raise the ETF (Early Termination Fee) from $175 to $325 (almost 200% hike) following the footsteps of Verizon starting June 2010. Why should AT&T take such a drastic measure all of a sudden – possibly because iPhone may soon be available on Verizon and AT&T also wants to cash-in on the much anticipated Dell Mini 5 aka Streak which is due this summer.

That leaves folks who are planning on grabbing an iPhone and then canceling their account a small window of 6 days to save few $$$. Walmart’s $97 iPhone 3GS (16GB) sweetens the deal a little. In any case, sit tight for 2 more weeks to see what iPhone 4G has to offer and then decide on getting the right device. If you just want to bag an iPhone 3GS for development purposes or to gift it, this is the perfect time before the crazy $325 ETF by AT&T kicks in!


  • David said:

    what is brick and mortar stores?

  • kkiran said:

    You can buy things from Walmart in 2 ways – their website and physical stores. B&M (brick and mortar) stores are normal stores. Sorry to have confused you!

  • David said:

    well it says not available for purchase online and in stores it doesnt tell you which ones have it so I called my nearest wallmarts but none seem to carry them and I'm surprised that in NYC they dont sell them in any of the Walmarts….

  • kkiran said:

    I am not sure if it still is the case. All Walmarts should carry it, that was the plan! Anyway, iPhone 4G will be out on June 7th…

  • Iphone said:

    According to AT&T's contract, if they raise the ETF, then they change the terms of your contract and the contract is null and void….. Meaning there is no ETF for people who are already with AT&T. Or is the new crazy ETF for new customers?

  • Kiran said:

    The new ETF is for new customers or for those signing up for a new contract when they upgrade. It is confusing, hopefully ATT will clarify the same…

  • The Ocelot said:

    Att does not change your contract ETF contract conditions in the middle of your agreement. Pre existing ETF contracts will stay the same for customers. Customers enacting a new 2 year agreement will be subject to the new ETF, BUT that is for smartphone customers. What people are failing to realize is that with the basic phones-quick messaging devices, your ETF is still around the 175 rate. The 325 was in fact enacted to prevent fraudulent activities. Let's face it, you get an iphone for 100 dollars, turn profit on ebay for around 400-500 for new in box, then ETF out for 175? Do it on a family talk line with all 5 devices and you can net up to 1000 dollars fraudulently.

  • Kiran said:

    What is wrong with selling my own, legally obtained device if I want some other device? Isn't AT&T forcing a data plan even after hiking the ETF and data plans illegal? Nothing is fair in the wireless business my friend…

  • iPhone 4 and the untold secrets | iLikeMyiPhone said:

    […] existing customers to two more years, they ensure you either stick with them or pony up the enormously hiked ETF. Verizon is a strong contender by the […]

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