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Siri on the Apple iPhone is smart and resourceful. Watch Siri’s take on the Stock Market

14 September 2012 No Comment

I made this video when I was learning to use Siri. Siri handles simple queries and little complicated ones if you wish. Siri is a virtual assistant on all iPhones starting iPhone 4S. Siri is the by-product of a lot of data mining and it is one of the best artificial intelligence enabled assistants you have ever encountered. Siri got some attitude as well Рtry arguing with Siri and you shall see!

Here is a conversation with Siri. My queries revolved around the US Stock Market – the basics like share price, P/E ration, up/down and the like. It can be helpful when you are too lazy to look at the screen or when you are multitasking or when you are jogging!

Siri is upgraded with the launch of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. New features and capabilities of Siri will be detailed in an other post once I get the iPhone 5 (Sep 21, 2012)!

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