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iPhone 5s v/s iPhone 5 – visual differences, iPhone case compatibility and my favorite ‘juicy’ case – Maxboost Fusion Detachable!

20 September 2013 5 Comments

iPhone 5s being a ‘S’ update didn’t see a change in dimensions nor weight. Everything remained the same between iPhone 5 and 5s. Almost any iPhone case that worked with iPhone 5 will work on the iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s’ touch (fingerprint scanner) is an exception since you have to touch it for real to unlock your iPhone 5s if you choose to. So, if you have an iPhone 5 case that covers the home button, it will not work with the iPhone 5s’ trademark feature – fingerprint scanner!

Let us take a look at my favorite case that was made for the iPhone 5. It works just fine with iPhone 5s. It isĀ Maxboost Fusion Detachable External iPhone 5S Battery Case / iPhone 5 Battery Case.

Maxboost Case iPhone 5s 004

I tried various iPhone 5 cases – one that has a stand and one that has more juice (external battery) and even one that can store 3 cards in the back (ID, Credit Card, Bank Card). It boiled down to one thing – more power! Lets face it, modern day smartphones need a lot of juice to stay up a regular work day. I consistently hit the 10% battery mark by 4pm on the three iPhone 5 devices I used. I don’t blame the iPhone 5 – for the form factor, I am pleased with the performance. I am a power user! It just needed another battery but something that doesn’t look ugly. I settled on the Maxboost Fusion since it is 2 parts really, one with the battery that literally doubles the battery on the iPhone 5/5s and the other, a simple/minimalist case.

Maxboost Case iPhone 5s 005

The flexibility of detaching the external battery when not required made me vote for this product. I highly recommend this. The price fluctuates greatly on Amazon but I think it is the worth the $40~$49 price tag. It solves the full day battery issue on the iPhone 5/5s in style.

Maxboost Case iPhone 5s 006

Another advantage this case has is that it facilitates a Micro USB port that charges both the device and the iPhone simultaneously. How cool is that? Micro USB chargers/cables are pretty cheap and easy to find. You can have one at the office, in the car and by your bed. Your iPhone and the external battery is juiced up at all times.

If you plug your headphones in with external battery on, you may have a tough time yanking it out. You got to be careful not to break the connector on the headset. Apart from this minor annoyance and the battery not lasting just like the original battery (it does a fair job nonetheless, it is a very good buy – in fact a must have for most power users like me! If you want to put the wider aperture on the new iPhone 5s camera to good use, this case will be handy getting you the most number of shots!

You can buy it from Amazon for a quick delivery and never run out of charge on any given day!


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