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[31 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

Geohot did it again – the impossible! He hacked into Apple’s most secure baseband till date – 5.11.07 is now successfully unlocked and will be ready for general consumption come November 4th, 2009! He gave us 3.1.2 all device jailbreak and now blacksn0w! This kid sure is awesome – all props to Geo, the man!

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[3 Oct 2009 | 77 Comments | ]

[img source : Apple.com]
iPhone 3GS users can now safely update to 3.1 firmware without updating the baseband (for unlock). If you are not the one to download all the various files and just want the ultimate result, these files are waiting for you to download! If you rather want to start from scratch, download Pwnage 3.1.3 tool for Mac.

Caution #1 : Please proceed further ONLY if you have an iPhone 3GS. iPhone 2G or 3G owners should follow this guide instead.
Caution #2 : A restore is going to wipe the …

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[2 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

The much awaited Pwnage tool 3.1.3 is finally ready for download. Thanks Dev Team, now we can successfully jailbreak iPhone 3GS forĀ  3.1.
Download Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 from Rapidshare mirror here if you have a Mac. No Pwnage tool exists for Windows platforms.
Custom 3.1 firmware links below for the following iPhone models :

iPhone 2G 3.1 (Original iPhone)
iPhone 3G 3.1
iPhone 3GS 3.1

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[31 Jul 2009 | 47 Comments | ]

UPDATE : Since iPhone 3.0.1 is a minor upgrade, it is still jailbreakable and unlockable. Please stay away from 3.1 firmware when released, it can be a disaster otherwise!
All you have to do is :
1) Update your iPhone to 3.0.1 firmware via iTunes
2) Use redsn0w to jailbreak. While using redsn0w – when prompted to choose the firmware, simply choose 3.0 firmware instead of 3.0.1 firmware and it should work just fine! This works with iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.
3) Enjoy your iPhone!
As usual, stay away from the update for …

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[20 Jul 2009 | 24 Comments | ]

I was trying to Jailbreak an iPhone 2G, iPod Touch using redsn0w 0.9 and interestingly enough, had the same issue “stuck at Waiting to reboot” message in redsn0w in both instances. I tried both Mac OS X Leopard and Win XP with no avail.
UPDATE : I faced the same issue with iPhone 3G and 3GS too! Fortunately enough, it has a simple solution.
Solution : When you see the ‘Waiting for reboot’ message in redsn0w, unplug the USB cable from the iPhone and plug it back in! Weird but it worked …

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[14 Jul 2009 | 16 Comments | ]

UPDATE : The following guide holds good only for iPhone 3GS 3.0 firmware. For 3.0.1 use redsn0w guide instead!
Geohot has done it again! He gave us the first jailbreak for iPhone 3GS and now, we have a much more efficient iPhone 3GS unlock – purplesn0w. Seriously, all the sn0w versions are confusing but well, that is their game!
For now, the iPhone 3GS should be activated using an official carrier before purplesn0w is installed on your iPhone 3GS. (Hacktivation for other carriers to follow soon)
Why is this unlock (purplesn0w) more reliable …

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[8 Jul 2009 | 8 Comments | ]

Geohot first released the 3GS Jailbreak solution and the Dev Team, who initially planned on releasing their version of the Jailbreak after Apple released iPhone 3.1 firmware had no other choice but to release it immediately! Dev Team’s redsn0w handles the jailbreak for your iPhone 3GS more like the 3G and 2G variations.

Download redsn0w using the following links :
redsn0w for Mac OS X
redsn0w for Windows
redsn0w for Linux (introducing!)
Click here for a simple and quick guide to get you up and running with this revolutionary iPhone 3GS jailbreak. Don’t hesitate …

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[4 Jul 2009 | 57 Comments | ]

So you used purplera1n and jailbroke your iPhone 3GS but you still see the emergency screen huh? We just have to hacktivate your iPhone and then we can unlock your iPhone using ultrasn0w!
Lets get started :
1) Make sure you used purplera1n and jailbroke your iPhone 3GS. If you see the Emergency calls screen, you may follow the next few steps.
2) Download this lockdownd file.
3) Download iPhoneBroswer for Windows. You may try PhoneView for your Mac.
4) Launch iPhoneBrowser and navigate to usr/libexec folder as shown in the picture below. (If you …

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[3 Jul 2009 | 107 Comments | ]

UPDATE : iPhone 3GS has a different security feature which disables it from using any other firmware rather than the latest available. So, if you still need Unlock and Jailbreak, custom firmware (look in categories) is the only option we have. The following article is not recommended anymore. Thank you.
Geohot rules yet again! He was the one to have unlocked the iPhone first generation phone back in 2007 and now, he is back with more! This time it is iPhone 3GS that is unlocked and jailbroken by the hacking maestro …

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[2 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]

Apple gifted all iPhone 3GS owners with an exploit so that we can jailbreak and unlock our iPhone 3GS to our heart’s content. But here is the catch! The exploits WILL be closed in the next firmware upgrade which is due any minute now.
So here is the thing : PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE TO iPHONE 3.1 before performing the following procedure (if you want to unlock/jailbreak that is!). Dev Team is waiting for the next release (iPhone 3.1) so that the Apple will not close the jailbreak exploit. Jailbreak for …