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Update – iPhone Unlock Troubles

9 July 2007 8 Comments

This is the current status of The Mission and good to see words of confidence amongst the team.


People all over the world are eagerly waiting for the BIG news and the hacint0sh guys are at workradio.jpg after a small break,hence the delay in updates they say. Anyways, enthusiasts who bought the iPhone worldwide were reportedly using all of iPhone’s features except for the ‘Phone’ part.

They hit a roadblock working to Unlock the iPhone via BootLoader (‘kin Apple Security!) but they say they have another method to achieve the purpose as they can talk with the radio and they are gonna patch it and get it to unlock 🙂 By the end of this week, you may try using the iPhone as an iPhone rather than an AT&T phone!!


  • admin said:

    well,I guess you even know this that Apple is in a Win-Win situation either way : Hence it is Apple's way of doing things – Incorporating Quad Band in US, and so many other hints which say Apple wants iPhone to be used everywhere 🙂

  • Gurjant Sandhu said:

    wosh feels a bit better now after reading this…lets hope they get this thing unlocked but i bet its gonna be fixed with those damn updates but im sure they will find a way to block them from updating your phone.

  • ismail abdi said:

    i have a cingular account. and the ipone i have is tmobile iphone from germany. i was wondering if u can unlock it.

  • admin said:

    Well, iPhone is not yet announced in Germany!! Once released, it is pretty much the same technique 🙂

  • dawn said:

    once unlocked will it work on south africa

  • admin said:

    yep,it will cos’ it is QuadBand – 850,900,1800,1900 MHz …

  • Inzo said:

    Go on guys Hack that f%$^^ iPhonee:P:D:D

  • Sierra Skye said:

    I read your blog in a regular manner, and I really like your way of writing
    Please keep going, smile
    your sierra

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