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8GB Apple iPhone – Now for an Affordable Price $249 (No taxes!) [Limited time]

18 March 2008 10 Comments

ATT finally gave up their manager special store exclusivity to the general masses online! Yeah, 8GB iPhone is now available for $249 and you are not even charged tax for this beauty! $249 for a hacking toy is not bad, given the amazingly rich feature set! They carry the same 1 year warranty, so you have nothing to lose! No tax and free shipping makes it the slickest deal for an iPhone out there! Finally, as soon as you receive it, unlock and use it whichever way you like 😉 Hurry before it is too late! Click here to buy it now!


Click here to Check your Order Status in case you are restlessly waiting for the tracking number! You can also call 1866-391-0749 and input your order number for automated order status 🙂


  • Ed said:

    It requires 2 years plan~~

  • kiran said:

    Not unless you want to sign with ATT! You can unlock it and use any carrier 🙂 No plan required!!

  • Ed said:

    Thank you!! Sounds Good!!

  • David Watkins said:

    Refurb bro, no good at all… you never know what that iPhone has been through in the past….

  • jj said:

    I can’t find it anymore. All gone? 🙁

  • kiran said:

    Refurbs go through the same quality tests! They carry the same warranty too, so not bad!!

    JJ : They will be available soon I believe.. Keep looking!

  • JJ said:

    thanks Kiran. I think they r sold out.:( bummer. I hope for another offer like this one soon.

  • Kiran said:

    Don’t worry, iPhone refurbs (8GB) will be available on a larger scale once 16GB iPhones become more prominent. A $100 price cut will keep everyone right on track!!

  • besart said:

    Hi, please let me know more information ( price, how it will be transfer, quality, minimum order) at this email besart_pr@hotmail.com .
    Best Regards,
    Besart B.

  • lucas said:

    will this 249 iphone ever be on the website again?

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