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[24 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]

I have been using RichardSolo 1800 for quite some time now and all I have to say is it packs quite a punch when it comes to holding the charge and charging the iPhone efficiently. Mophie juice pack performed great when it came to performance and the real winner may be decided on the design. RichardSolo, despite being compact had a terrible implementation. Just imagine using an iPod Nano to charge your iPhone! The connection can be very unstable since it is latched at the end of the iPhone and …

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[7 Aug 2008 | 16 Comments | ]

Any iPhone user will definitely use the iPhone not just as a phone but  alot more – games included. And with more openGL 3D applications to play with, iPhone’s battery life is seriously taking a big hit. Just imagine using your iPhone on a train journey with all those GPS, Location aware features, games, internet and a lot more.
The idea is to conserve the battery charge rather than use a 3rd party add-on which might cost like $100! While we all know the basics of conserving iPhone’s battery, let me …