Simplest iPhone 3GS Untethered Jailbreak Released (any bootrom), Can be Unlocked with ease!

For a list of important Cydia apps and more screenshots, go here. Visit this page if you have an iPhone 4. There is not much to write about this time around (no PC or Mac limitation)! Jailbreaking is perfectly legal btw! All you have to do is : – Make sure your iPhone is activated….

Download iPhone 3GS Custom Firmware iOS 4.0 [Jailbreak, Unlock, Activate]

CAUTION : iOS 4 jailbreak is way complicated unlike other jailbreaks. Please proceed with caution. Requirements : Jailbroken iPhone 3GS with older bootrom. You haven’t used Spirit jailbreak before (for untethered jailbreak). You have Windows (PC). For Mac, try Pwnage instead. Please read the above requirements again. More info about these custom firmware files :…