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Where to buy brand new iPhones with firmware 1.0 or 1.0.1?

6 October 2007 No Comment

With the release of firmware 1.1.1 (hack unfriendly f/w), iPhone is trying to bid farewell to TMobile in the US but thanks to old batch of iPhones with firmware versions 1.0 which are still available in certain Cingular stores in some areas!! All you have to do is check for the firmware version while you buy an iPhone. Make sure that the 4th and 5th digits of the serial number are less than 37 🙂 (source : MyDigitalLife) (located at the bottom right hand corner on the backside of the box). If not,return the iPhone immediately cos’ an iPhone with no apps is like …… I really can’t describe!! You can have mine (unlocked) for $399 if you live in NJ or NYC !! Buying an iPhone @ Apple store means you want to sign a 2 year contract with AT&T and forget 3rd party hacks!

If possible, let us document a list of Cingular locations where iPhone f/w 1.0 is available. Please mention the location in comments to reflect here. Thank you 🙂

Indepth research on serial numbers and f/w versions here….Cingular Store, Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, NJ (They have 90 iPhones with # 38 – Oct 06,’07)

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