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[24 Jan 2008 | 29 Comments | ]

Last week has been a memorable one as far as 1.1.3 iPhones is concerned. We have heard of disputes amongst the developers,err hackers!! Everything narrowed down to copyright issues as far as Erica’s note is concerned. Some members of the Dev team and Elite team were in disagreement over the release of 1.1.3 jailbreak. Anyways, NerveGas breaks the news on a perfect Thursday 🙂 The entire jailbreak process is touted to take about half an hour if not more and the interesting part being : it is currently a Windows …

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[4 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]

Unlocking the iPhones – Who are the real losers? AT&T/Cingular or Apple? Both!!

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[15 Oct 2007 | 7 Comments | ]

Yes, the word is out. Though it was practically possible as soon as Jailbreak for 1.1.1 was announced but it took me many hours of tweaking (more than 18) but couldn’t get my Cingular sim back at work (without the 2 year contract). I searched all over the internet but none were reporting positively about 1.1.1 Jailbreak let alone Cingular working on it. This post at TechDadBlog initiated hope after clueless searches on Google for 1.1.1 hack. Vaughan and Mike did a great job on trying different alternatives. Finally, with …