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[Confirmed] iPhone 1.1.1 Firmware Hacked for Cingular & AT&T Networks (Non-iPhone Plans)

15 October 2007 7 Comments

Yes, the word is out. Though it was practically possible as soon as Jailbreak for 1.1.1 was announced but it took me many hours of tweaking (more than 18) but couldn’t get my Cingular sim back at work (without the 2 year contract). I searched all over the internet but none were reporting positively about 1.1.1 Jailbreak let alone Cingular working on it. This post at TechDadBlog initiated hope after clueless searches on Google for 1.1.1 hack. Vaughan and Mike did a great job on trying different alternatives. Finally, with the release of INdependence 1.2.2, no more spending enormous amount of hours iPhucing, AppTapping and the like…

Download INdependence (Mac Universal) and start the balls rolling. Cingular customers out there who don’t want to sign a new 2 year contract should jump on this offer from iPhone Dev team. Now I have a great level of understanding as far as 1.1.1 and Cingular are concerned. Thank you iPhone Devs, TechDadBlog & Vaughan 🙂

p.s: This post refers to non-iphone Cingular and ATT plans, i.e no more signing the 2 year contract and yeah, T-Mobile sucks in my university (http://monmouth.edu) . Enjoy the features of 1.1.1 !!




  • Marcus said:

    Help! Help!

    Last Sat, while I was refreshing my Installer, I saw the new Apptap installer and I installed it. After installation, I found that a couple of my previous applications was not able to run and was prompted with a messgae that this application runs only in firmware 1.1.1 I am using firmware 1.0.2 at the moment. My phone is unlock and jailbroken. Can sonmeone tell me how to upgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak it and unlock it? Many Many Many thanks to all you gurus out there! Your help and assistance is much appreciated! Cheers!



  • admin said:

    Hi Marc! All I can suggest at this point is – Revirginizing your iPhone… http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12052 Pl proceed at your own risk. A slightly different approach can be found here http://www.modmyiphone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11144. All the best and pl do post your results 🙂

  • Marcus said:

    Hey Admin,

    Din’t managed to do it. Looks too complicating! I dun want to brick my phone! hahaha…shall wait till further development comes up!! Cheers!

  • admin said:

    Hmmmm,well they have confirmed it 🙂 Now it is a one step hack not requiring all the other hackery!! Don’t be left behind, 1.1.1 is worth the upgrade cos’ app support is now for 1.1.1 and not 1.0.2!!

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  • Clock IT Up said:

    New Apple iPhone 2.0 Firmware Hacked…

    The new Apple iPhone firmware is expected to be released this summer but iPhone hackers have already cracked the code.

    Last week, Apple produced developers to an emulator of the iPhone 2.0 firmware where hackers have already managed to work their mag…

  • Maria Sommerhalder said:


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    Yours sincerely,

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