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iPhone anySIM Unlocked 1.0.2 – Virginize for 1.1.1

23 October 2007 22 Comments

The word is out! We can now fully upgrade to 1.1.1 even though we corrupted ouriPhone_Virginized.png baseband firmware by using anySIM or iUnlock. iPhone Elite team released the Revirginize tool – a one step virginize script which saves you from a lengthy hack 😉 You have the option to backup your NOR and virginize your iPhone thereby claiming your lost iPhone Warranties, not to mention the corrupt IMEIs.

Download the script and enjoy 1.1.1 in its full glory!! Any questions? Proceed here.


  • Marcus said:

    Hmm….does it mean that I am using an unlock iPhone running 1.0.2, I can now upgrade to 1.1.1 firmware???

  • admin said:

    @ Yep!! Finally everyone can use 1.1.1 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Marcus said:

    I am a technical idiot! Does it mean that I follow the instruction in the Automated Script and my iPhone will be re-virnigize? Do I need to unlock it again after the re-virginizing? I am in Singapore and I am using the M1 mobile network. Any advise? Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

  • admin said:

    Yep, you have to unlock it again but the purpose of revirginizing is getting your phone to a factory fresh virgin state and then upgrade to 1.1.1 followed by the unlock!! might seem complicated but it is worth it. I can help you if you have a mac 🙂

  • Marcus said:

    Oops! I am using a PC! So after virginizing it, it will be lock, so how I upgrade to 1.1.1 ? For unlocking, do I still need to get iBrikr to break it and then unlock it using iUnlock again?

  • admin said:

    Well, the guides for Windows are also released, I am not so confident though. I think you might want to use iDemocracy for windows 🙂


    Proceed at your own risk. Mac works the best though 🙂

  • admin said:

    Hey hi!! Well, if you get a macbook pro, then I can definitely help you!! I have tested several ways of hacking the iPhone on a Mac so you can be confident that you are going to use an unlocked 1.1.1 in China 🙂

  • kkiran said:

    Well, I suggest you virginize it 🙂 If you bought it unlocked,the chances are that they used free s/w like anySIM to unlock it rather than a $60 iPSF solution.

  • Marcus said:

    Any “Idiot’s Guide to Virginize > Upgrade > iBrickr > Unlock > anySIM ” ?? Is the order in sequence??? Sigh….I am getting more confuse now. Can you tell me the order sequece to get it upgraded to firmware 1.1.1? Many Thanks!

  • kkiran said:

    @ Dan – Since you are going to get a Mac : First, we have to (1)Virginize then (2)Update to 1.1.1 and then (3)Unlock.

    In (2) you have to use INdependence (downgrade to 1.0.2 and then upgrade to 1.1.1).

    I am not sure about forwarding facility of SMS/Contacts yet 🙁

  • Eoin Verling said:


    I’ve a v1.0.2 anySIM’d iPhone … I’m trying to upgrade it now to 1.1.1 .. as part of the re-virginise process you have to run a command on the iPhone. I’ve a problem with sshd on my iPhone, when I try to ssh in, it connects me, then kicks me out immediately (after 3 keystrokes!!) … it’s wierd. I can sftp files to and from no problem

    I’ve tried re-installing ssh

    Any ideas? Can I use iTunes to “restore” it to some state (ie, pre AppTapp)?


  • Roy said:

    After I downgraded the iphone to 1.0.2 from 1.1.1, the screen has been frozen. I tried to retore the iphone through itune but it doesn’t work. It shows “The iphone could not be retored because there is unknown error occurred(6).”

  • Tony Sheppard said:


    I have the same problem as Eoin Verling. After entering 3 keystrokes in terminal or Term-vt100 the session closes. Any one know how to fix this.

  • admin said:

    @dont move:: as far as my knowledge goes, this patching lockdownd method is pass

  • dontmove said:

    Hey i got this tutorial from website. can someone explain to me the meaning of the following>

    4-a patched lockdownd file already installed. If you don’t and use a non-AT&T SIM your iPhone will leave you at the activate screen which you will need to bypass before continuing.
    5-BSD SubSystem and OpenSSH installed.
    6-Mobile Terminal or Term-vt100 installed (just in case you lose Wi-Fi).

  • Rashed said:

    ok, so i bought an unlocked iPhone 1.0.2, i upgraded to 1.1.1 now, it seems that whenever i use iTunes to manually downgrade to 1.0.2 it always gives me an error and never downgrades, i’m using an iMac with leopard… what should i do?! how do i virginize it?! i live in Kuwait so i have no way of obtaining an AT&T sim card here! :S please reply asap!

  • DrG said:

    I was playing with the phone and I saw this virginize thing and now I think I screw the poor thing, please help. I bought the Iphone in the States brought it to Saudi Arabia and unlocked it here I think with anysim.
    The version is 1.0.2 1c28 or something like that, and I was trying to upgrade to 1.1.1.
    Another thing I was never able to download the itunes, and all I installed on the phone I discovered by myself through the installer and searching on the net.
    Please help I want HIM back, it doesn’t turn on and when it does it doesn’t respond nor the unlock sim button appears.

  • DrG said:

    I hope you can help me.
    My husband bought me an iphone as a surprise (from the States) version 1.0.2, 1C28. We live in Saudi Arabia and he took it to be unlock, which worked perfectly well until it fell on my hands.
    I’m a gadget freak and started inventing and doing anything and everything I read on the net you could do to the phone, including trying the update thing to 1.1.1 and there came the problem.
    Before I knew that if you do this upgrade to a hacked iphone it will make it unusable there I was poking the poor thing and I forgot to set it to never lock too.
    So now it doesn’t respond to NOTHING literally, I’ve tried discharging and recharging, reset, both buttons, 1 button, the touch screen is completly blocked I can’t even try to fix what I’ve done the only thing left is just flush it down the toilet.
    Please help me I’m going crazy it’s such a cute, addictive, amazing, lovable poking device I can’t live without HIM now that I got it, Help me please.

  • JH said:

    Dear Admin,
    I am using unlocked iPhone (1.0.2) which I bought in Singapore. I use mac.

    My problem is that I don’t know “which method” they used for unlocking.

    What should I do?

    Thank you.

  • Rohit Mali said:

    Hi i am using an iphone with version 1.0.2 which i hacked here in India. Now i want to upgrade the s/w to version 1.1.3. Now there are several questions arising.
    1) How would i know my iphone is unlocked through anySIM or iUnlock methods?
    2) How would i know SSH and BSD is installed on iphone?
    Please help me out with this….

  • kiran said:

    Hi Rohit, you might want to have a look at my latest post on 1.1.3.
    1) For that, you may use OneSIM or Vrginize the baseband.
    2) You have to upgrade ur firmware to 1.1.1, jailbreak and then get 1.1.3, hence, they will be wiped, don’t worry about them..

    (check my 1.1.1 jailbreakme post and 1.1.3 upgrade post for some insight 🙂

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