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[14 Feb 2008 | 94 Comments | ]

UPDATE : Download ZiPhone Latest Release for Windows. A Mac version of the same can be had here.
ZiPhone GUI is built by i.unlock.no which is based on GeoHot’s unlock script which was generalized by Zibri 🙂 ZiPhoneGUI is for Windows users while Mac users have a better application in the form of iJailbreak. Talk about hackers/developers but yeah – they are the best! iPhone Devs have been keeping mum so far but hey, this method works the best!
Unlock option works with only 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 OTB iPhones and that makes …

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[23 Oct 2007 | 22 Comments | ]

The word is out! We can now fully upgrade to 1.1.1 even though we corrupted our baseband firmware by using anySIM or iUnlock. iPhone Elite team released the Revirginize tool – a one step virginize script which saves you from a lengthy hack 😉 You have the option to backup your NOR and virginize your iPhone thereby claiming your lost iPhone Warranties, not to mention the corrupt IMEIs.
Download the script and enjoy 1.1.1 in its full glory!! Any questions? Proceed here.

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[9 Oct 2007 | 35 Comments | ]

As we are gearing towards a 1.1.1 hack release which the TIFF exploit in Safari achieved, why don’t we make life easy for the average joe in unlocking a virgin iPhone! We are talking about YouTube, installer.app, Unlock and a lot more in about 10 minutes!!
Tools required :

INdependence (MAC)
iBrickr (Windows)
1.0.2 ipsw file (f/w)
8/4 GB iPhone
10 mins of your time 🙂

First, connect your iPhone to iTunes atleast once (don’t proceed to step 2 in iTunes ;)!
Now quit iTunes and iTunesHelper processes and launch INdependence 1.2.1 a.
Click on Activate iPhone and point …