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iNdependence v1.4 Released – iPhone 1.1.4 Sim Unlock, Activation Support

28 February 2008 2 Comments

Read my horror story with iNdependence on a 1.1.4 updated 16GB iPhone. Don’t use it and don’t upgrade to 1.1.4 yet. 

iNdependence released an Activation / Sim Unlock solution for iPhone 1.1.4 firmware! That was fast, though 1.1.4 got not-so-interesting updates ( a probable SDK support maybe ). This version uses gunlock sim unlocking solution from Geohot 🙂 They claim this tool to be a much more efficient solution compared to Zibri’s offerings.


Download iNDependence v1.4b5 for your Macs!

– iTunes 7.6.1 Support

– Added SIM unlocking on firmware 1.1.4 (using gunlock)

– Changed the SIM unlock warning to reflect new information with regard to IPSF-based unlocking
– Made it so that iNdependence automatically removes old versions of the RAM disks it creates
– Changed the credits for the RAM disk jailbreak method
– Updated the documentation for the new SSH removal dialog
– Made RAM disk creation code more robust by scanning the output from hdiutil for the correct mount point (rather than assumimg /Volumes/ramdisk)
– Synchronized SSH version and installation with version installed by Installer.app. This makes it compatible with Boss Prefs.app and Services.app
– Added new dialog for SSH removal which allows people to choose which shared files to remove
– Added a 3rd reboot to SSH installation so that chmod isn’t being run perpetually after installing SSH (chewing up some battery life). Yes, I should have done this a long time ago… 🙂
– Fixed a bug with wallpaper uploading where thumbnail file would be the same as the main file no matter what
– Disabled addition of wallpaper to user folder in Customize tab when using firmware 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 since it doesn’t work
– Added failure checking for SIM unlock
– Added my own tool (optivate) for patching all versions of lockdownd from the RAM disk
– Disabled SIM unlock button when using firmware 1.1.4
– Moved RAM disk to Application Support folder. This should fix the problem where RAM disk creation fails for some people (but not others).

Source : http://code.google.com/p/independence/



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