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HURRY! iPhone 8GB, 16GB Refurbs at an Affordable $249, $349

14 May 2008 3 Comments

The deal is out yet again! Nothing more to say about it, just that they can be purchased, activated and unlocked without signing a contract! The word is out, just go get it. We never know when the proposed 3G iPhone would hit the shelves not to mention the delays involved in porting the current unlocking mechanisms to work with the 3G iPhone! It would definitely hit the streets next month but the availability/pricing/unlocking is all in a confused state right now!
Hurry and better not loose the opportunity this time around! Click here for the link!


  • Sayam said:

    hey kiran,
    the stock is over now.

  • lucas said:

    is this going to happen offen. when is the next available 249 iphone?

  • Kiran said:

    you can soon expect them on ebay given the release of the new iPhone.

    Cingular may list them once again but he date is not known yet.


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