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[19 May 2008 | No Comment | ]

After an overwhelming response to a similar 8GB iPhone deal, here comes a 16er – bigger storage, better functionality! This bid is just toc over my hosting fee, it starts at an unbelievable 99 cents on eBay. I didn’t advertise this anywhere, hence better chances for the readers here at iLikeMyiPhone! The 16GB iPhone is a brand new refurb waiting to be unboxed and utilized to the fullest! Have a look at all the applications you want me to install and unlock.

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[14 May 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

The deal is out yet again! Nothing more to say about it, just that they can be purchased, activated and unlocked without signing a contract! The word is out, just go get it. We never know when the proposed 3G iPhone would hit the shelves not to mention the delays involved in porting the current unlocking mechanisms to work with the 3G iPhone! It would definitely hit the streets next month but the availability/pricing/unlocking is all in a confused state right now!
Hurry and better not loose the opportunity this time …

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[28 Feb 2008 | 179 Comments | ]

Once iNdependence v 1.4b5 was released with 1.1.4 support, I went ahead and updated the iPhone (16GB 1.1.3 OTB unlocked using iJailbreak)from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 via iTunes which gave me an error. I repeated the same and the update went fine and now I have version 1.1.4 installed on the iPhone.
I then fired iNdependence trying to jailbreak/activate my iPhone. I hit the Activate button and it didn’t respond in a timely fashion showing me the Jailbreak screen. I then hit the Jailbreak tab to Jailbreak the iPhone which gave me …

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[9 Feb 2008 | 69 Comments | ]

Update : A much faster easier solution for Mac users can be found here. Windows users may resort to ZiPhoneGUI.
I am back after spending 4 hours on the entire process (which includes some hits and misses! Which means, you no longer have to figure out the right steps/combinations!!). Now the process is trimmed down to much lesser time and the best part being : No command line hackery!
All you need is an iPhone (OTB 1.1.2/1.1.3 BL 4.6), Mac (preferable) / Windows, Firmware files (1.1.2, 1.1.3 ipsws), courage to try this …

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[6 Feb 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

It was a tension filled day since I had to make some decisions like buying a 16GB iPhone since I already bought an 8GB version 10 days ago. I was secured with a return policy but paying a restocking fee ($40) really upset me. I am spending over my budget on Apple!! My 10 day 8GB (1.1.2 OTB) iPhone was Activated, Jailbroken and Cingular activated (no contract) with 1.1.3 glory and I saw the 16GB iPhone via Digg.com I was restless, I had to get this memory-upped version before my …