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Password Protect your Media and Applications on the iPhone! [Free License Giveaway]

18 June 2008 49 Comments

How many times had this thought struck your mind – ‘Gosh, I wish I could hide these videos from my family/friends!’ Then comes this – ‘iSteamy is really hot but I don’t want my wife/children to know about this steamy adventure!’

All your questions are now answered, thanks to the developers at HidePod. They have just finished Apple’s unfinished business of protecting your ‘Stuff’! The next time someone (in my case – my professors, family members…) asks your iPhone for a quick look – you can innocently hand it over despite not so innocent stuff hiding back there!

We all know about Poof, an application for hiding your applications but HidePod dives in with password protection feature and even letting you hide the HidePod application behind the regular/normal looking Calculator icon!

I can assure you that it is so difficult for anyone to hack into your protected stuff. I myself had a tough time using the app initially, and you can just imagine how hard it will be for someone to get to the hidden videos/apps – thanks to the added layers of protection (password, and hiding the application itself!).

Why wait, you definitely stand a chance to win a license.

Hidepod also offers free upgrades to AppStore license if approved to be released by Apple. All you have to do is drop a comment/few words about this blog and how it can be improved. Lots of licenses up for grabs! Hurry, offer expires June 25.

Some insider info from the developer team at HidePod. The future of the app and a possible picture integration to this wonderful app are detailed.

We’d like to wait until we release the picture version which will be available
very shortly. (we’ve emulated the picture viewer app and are working through a memory bug .. right now we can flip through about 130 images or so before we experience a memory problem)
We should have this tracked down shortly.

Regarding the Appstore release.

We will try to get it on the Appstore (if we can)
Anyone who purchased our previous version would get reimbursed when they get the 2.0 on appstore.

We may however have to release it on the unlocked version of the iphone 2.0.
(In that case the existing registration keys would work)
The reason for this is… we tie into the iTunes database to access the movie file listing.. Apple is preventing this in the current iteration of the Developer kit.

An advantage of releasing it on the open developer platform is we would have access to those libraries… We could also modify the program so that movies and pictures could be accessed from other sources. We could set it up so that you could directly upload picture files, download movie trailers etc.

If we use the AppStore we may be restricted to funnel all content through iTunes
which may restrict content and access to content.

(video not suitable for minors)


  • Josh said:

    Hey if you can build it we will come this could be just as big as a bagel slicer LOL I want a licence please

  • sherri said:

    looking forward to this app! Definitely need a way to protect personal information on the iphone…especially contact info!

  • RoyWL said:

    It should make sense to Apple! People are always asking to check out my IPhone, but I won't do it because of certain sensitive apps. I would love to help promote how great the IPhone is, but need to secure certain aspects of the device before I just hand it over to a curious person. I hope this app comes online soon! Thanks.

  • kkiran said:

    Hi! These apps are already on cydia but not on AppStore. Try jailbreaking your iPhone and then download it from Cydia for free!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Neil said:

    This seems like a great applications. Would likve to get a license to check it out. Good luck.

  • jjyxk845 said:

    Great Blog I check it out for all the latest news.

  • tallgeezer said:

    Oh my god – this is the app that all blokes (and some woman) need…

    Where / when / how can we get it (+ do we need a jailbreak device) – I have an 'IPHONE 3G S', which I don't beleive those clever chaps have managed to jailbrake, yet. (doesn't usually take people long)

    Amazin' app – could I have a license / instructions how to get it on.

  • kkiran said:

    There is a free alternative on cydia already!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Nabil said:

    i just got a new iphone 3G and i used to have sonnyericsson that had similar application called mumsms , it protected calls and sms into hidden secured folder
    i need to have this application , please advise how to purchase it

  • kkiran said:

    You will have to jailbreak your iPhone 3G to access this functionality. Did you jailbreak your device?

  • brian said:

    iphone 3g 3.0 vista

  • Rebellions said:

    i have been looking for something like this for sometime..where i can hide my personal videos so noone can see them. Really looking forward to install it on my iphone

  • Rebellions said:

    hey guys how can i get this application? is it still available?

  • David said:

    was this app ever released?

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Yeah, long back. Now a commercial app exists in Cydia…

  • Maneesh said:

    Its great idea. How can I get a license?

  • Spink said:

    am looking for something like for a long time, would be great to get the licence! thanks in advance!

  • michael said:

    is it good if we have a list of "icons" to pick instead of the default "3.14 calc"?
    otherwise, other iphone users using same app will "know" your hiding something 🙂

  • Kiran said:

    Good point! This app is out of date. Newer software will be reviewed soon…

  • takım çeliği said:

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  • Iphone Applications said:

    WOW! With millions of iphone users across the globe, a dollar or less worth of app can quickly lead to millions of income.

  • Durgesh said:

    i have been looking for something like this for sometime..where i can hide my personal videos so noone can see them. Really looking forward to install it on my iphone

  • maws said:

    Try File Locker Pro Suite. I have it on my iPhone and it works well. Simple and easy to use.
    Here's a link to the iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/file-locker-pro-su

  • interior design said:

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