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Cydia kicks AppStore’s Ass, sorta! Free Apps on iPhone 2.0 Growing!

6 August 2008 17 Comments

When Cydia first surfaced in the 1.1.4 era, I thought I shouldn’t complicate the readers of iLikeMyiPhone, particularly when there is a user friendly installer.app lingering around! Come iPhone 2.0 firmware, I have no other choice but to recommend Cydia given its enhcanced performance, possibility of various critical apps (Summerboard, BossTools and the like) and an intuitive user friendly interface! If I’m selling iPhones I wouldn’t aglow the iPhone deals I have up in my shop to miss this app! Apple’s own AppStore closely resembles installer and Cydia though AppStore seems terribly buggy when it comes to installing an application from your iPhone. Cydia does just this much more intuitvely by letting the user know what is cooking in the background. installer.app though leaked as of today needs much more compatibility testing but Cydia has been going great guns ever since Pwnage saw the light of day!

Recommended apps from Cydia to follow soon!

Cydia Interface Step by Step

Complete list of BigBoss’ Cydia Repository

Quick Facts / F.A.Qs

How to get Cydia?

  • You have to use Pwnage to Jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 and Cydia is a piece of cake given its inclusion in Pwnage software itself. Download all the essential upgrades initially and Cydia works best, trust me 🙂

Is Cydia Stable?

  • So far so good! Yet to face an issue! Launch Cydia frequently and it will perform the needed updates from time to time. As simple as it gets!

What are all the apps available?

  • Loads of them already if not overwhelmingly high at the moment. Check my recommended apps from the screenshots below (new apps keep popping up all the time, check check check!)

Why should I even use Cydia when AppStore/installer.app does the same job?

  • Installer.app is buggy at its best so far and AppStore has some serious restrictions on the type of apps it can SELL, while Cydia thwarts those limitations and best off all its FREE! Even better : Installation and updation of an app on Cydia is a zillion times faster than the AppStore apps!

Is the User Interface for Cydia neat/confusing?

  • It can never get any more user friendly! Resembles AppStore and installer in the best manner possible with the ability to add sources, delete, modify applications!

Will it void my warranty?

  • Hell yes but you can always revert back to the official firmware from iTunes. You just have to do a quick GOOG search before opting for a warranty claim and it will get easy as a pie! Easy huh?!

Great to see Sauirk’s efforts. Consider donating to this college kid’s efforts, you never know what he has in store for you in the near future!


  • rawi rai said:

    i used Jailbreak 2.0 and i ve 1.0.4 so how do i install Cydia

  • kiran said:

    Rai : Please check the download links on this site for the updated jailbreak/unlock links. You have to use the latest pwnage software to install Cydia.

  • drew said:

    um..is cydia legal? like does it violate apples copyright laws? i wanna know plz help i wanna get cydia!!!

  • kiran said:

    drew : It is not illegal to install Cydia but just that you have to be careful when walking into the Apple store for warranty purposes. You can always revert back to factory settings before walking into the Apple store 🙂

  • joe said:

    how do i delete apps i downloaded from cydia ???

  • saira said:

    i’m totally new to this, i managed to jailbreak my iphone 3g and installed a couple apps using cydia…like snapture and videorecorder, i thought they were free but it keeps asking me to register it or buy it…and then there’s an evaluate option which only allows me to record up to 30 secs?? i’m a bit confused…

    any help would be appreciated, thanx 🙂

  • saira said:

    oops, never mind… lol i didn’t notice this was the ad version and you had to upgrade to premium

  • sud said:

    how about iphone 3G, can it have the Appstore and cydia on the same time like with the iphone 2G if i jailbreak with pwnage tool?i like the free stuff at the appstore as well!

  • kiran said:

    sud : yep, pwnage does just that, gives you installer, Cydia and AppStore coexist like good friends 🙂

    saira : expect lite and premium versions in most apps, (free and paid!)….

  • autumn said:

    currently installing this threw pinwidge?
    will i be able to use summer bord theams if so how??


  • Autumn said:

    updated piwidge now restoring hope this is rite

  • Autumn said:


  • deep said:

    Cydia rocks…

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