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[6 Aug 2008 | 17 Comments | ]

When Cydia first surfaced in the 1.1.4 era, I thought I shouldn’t complicate the readers of iLikeMyiPhone, particularly when there is a user friendly installer.app lingering around! Come iPhone 2.0 firmware, I have no other choice but to recommend Cydia given its enhcanced performance, possibility of various critical apps (Summerboard, BossTools and the like) and an intuitive user friendly interface! If I’m selling iPhones I wouldn’t aglow the iPhone deals I have up in my shop to miss this app! Apple’s own AppStore closely resembles installer and Cydia though AppStore …

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[1 Mar 2008 | 183 Comments | ]

iPhone 1.1.4 upgrade hasn’t been a trouble-free update for many. There really is no good reason to update to 1.1.4 at this time, probably SDK might need it in the future. So, you accidentally upgraded to 1.1.4, now what? How do we get back to a much better firmware?
Download 1.1.3 / 1.1.2 firmwares from this link.
I have followed these steps on a 4.6 BL iPhone as well as 3.6 BL iPhone. If you have used IPSF like unlock before (Gunlokc/iJailbreak/ZiPhone), then you can still follow these steps.

Your 1.1.4 …

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[15 Oct 2007 | 23 Comments | ]

My previous post demonstrated the ability to partially unlock iPhone 1.1.1 for Cingular (non-iphone sims). Since AppTapp doesn’t have a version for the latest 1.1.1 firmware, I was looking for some answers on the internet and TechDadBlog came to my rescue again!
I then quickly followed iPhoneAlley’s post but I had problems at Step 7. I get a “Safari cannot download the file” error. I tried rebooting the iPhone at this point and then step 7 worked just fine.
I had a second issue in locating Trip1PogoStick though Safari spat no error …