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iPhone 3G Early Adopters – Time to Cancel, Pay ETF and Own the device!

13 August 2008 4 Comments

Just a shout to those early adopters who stood in line for an iPhone and got a new line activated such that the contract can be terminated after a month by paying the ETF ($175) and owning the device without an enormously huge data plan requirement! Things get really interesting now! What if you slide a SIM with iPhone 2G plan into the 3G iPhone – will we be able to save $15 every month by gaining 200 free SMS messages and 2G data plan pricing!

In effect, for a 16GB iPhone, we end up paying

$299 (Handset)

$18 (Tax – Varies)

$170 (ETF – Prorata ETF inΒ  effect, so $5 less for eeach month you keep the service for)

$90 (Approx First month bill)


~ $600 Approx. (Not bad given that no contract option costs a minimum of $100 extra).

Make sure you cancel it after 30 days of signing up a contract to be eligible for owning the device by paying ETF. Every single day may add to pro-rata bill. Also be aware that you can return the handset before 30 days and pay no ETF (if you are not pleased by the cracks developed on the iPhone – its just been 30 days and so many cosmetic issues reported already, it doesn’t look so good at the moment!).

eBay and Microsoft’s 25% promotion is still up, so if you don’t mind waiting 60 days to earn your cashback, you can get a 3G iPhone for affordable prices πŸ™‚


  • david said:

    hey kiran,
    i found this website that is selling unlocked iphones. i didnt know apple started supplying factory unlocked iphones to wholesalers such as cellhut.

    here is the link:
    ******link screened******

    you might want to make a new forum on this.


  • kiran said:

    Hi David πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link but I am not sure if I can trust the source and they are pretty expensive on that site. How is your 3G adventure coming along?

  • david said:

    hey kiran,
    i am still playing it safe and using the 1.1.4. still havent upgraded to 2.0 FW. did u reply to my comments on one of your other posts, i asked about the apple’s ablilty to switch off any program, hence any iphone with FW 2.0? they called it a “kill switch” and i posted a link about the article. so i am still little bit worrisome about upgrading to 2.0 FW.

    let me know. thanks.

  • kiran said:

    David : Frankly saying – Kill Switch essentially doesn’t pose threat to any of your other apps except fro AppStore apps and that too – if Apple feels the AppStore apps are malicious or the like…

    It is definitely something that should not keep you from upgrading! And 2.0.1 is way too cool than 1.1.4 though it might not be the fastest system yet, but it gets the job done πŸ™‚

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