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iPhone 3G Baseband 02.11.07 Finally Unlocked – yellowsn0w Project!

16 December 2008 8 Comments

iPhone 3G Unlock (codename : yellowsn0w) is finally ready for general consumption with an anticipated release date of December 25 ~ 31 (Christmas — > New Year’s eve!). It is currently undergoing idiot proof GUI packaging for the total noobs! However, those users who accidentally upgraded to 2.2 firmware from iTunes have no other choice but to resort to x-Sim solutions or a possible baseband downgrade from 2.28 to 2.11 (hopefully).

Great job iPhone Dev Team, you really rock the iPhone world and Apple likes it too, not sure about ATT 😉

Please refrain from buying any of those x-Sims. Few more days and the software unlock with no signal drops, no 3G issues, no ‘No Service’ messages will hit the internet! x-Sim sellers – Time to sell your x-Sims for less than a dollar!


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  • shernard shivers said:

    so hopefully by new years eve they will have a baseband downgrade for the iphone 3g baseband 2.28

  • kkiran said:

    Unfortunately they are yet to find a loophole in 2.28 🙁 we are looking at atleast few weeks here, if not months…

    Sent from my iPhone

  • manintoy said:

    is this the one with 2.11 baseband with 2.2 firmware.How about the one in download section is this the right one 2.2 firmware

  • kiran said:

    The firmwares for 2.2 with older baseband are available at http://ilikemyiphone.com/wordpress/?p=539 . In the downloads section – they are all apple stock firmwares.

  • manintoy said:

    its not working is there any specific remedy to do this.thx

  • manintoy said:

    Back to SIM card again

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