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Journey Towards Apple iPhone f/w 1.1.1 Hack

8 October 2007 No Comment

Hack_Me_Apple_iPhone.jpgIts been a long time since the developers started exploiting the iPhone firmware loopholes but with the upgrade to 1.1.1 the hacking scenario came to a standstill. After long days of silence, here comes the reply – Apple could not perfectly seal the iPhone from a 3rd party hack! Erica of TUAW fame began her live blogging adventure and she released a saying ‘iPhone 1.1.1 is Jailbroken’. Jailbreak is the only thing letting us off from accessing the iPhone internals and after this update, the demand for iPhones with f/w 1.0.2 (iPhone batch 38) will die down and all the apps released so far need to be recompiled for the new framework. So,the news is out – an unlock for iPhones with 1.1.1 is not far off, not to mention the availability of 3rd party apps(official?), WiFi iTunes music store and Video Out 😉 Staty tuned!!

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