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iPlus 2.0b – Safest Jailbreak/Unlock Ever for 1.1.4 iPhone

14 March 2008 75 Comments

Aviegas fixed the major errors plaguing this wonderful tool – iPlus 2.0 b, the best tool for unlocking your 1.1.4 iPhone. Yeah, it works only with 1.1.4 firmware and you can know more about the app itself here. After all the hush-hush on hackint0$h about this app, the author released this version carefully sealing not so buggy bugs!

Safest Unlock for iPhone – Using iPlus from Kiran Konathala on Vimeo.

The highlights of this release being :

– Unlock/downgrade strategy rework: Now safer than ever!
– Fix for the “Repair Needed” problem
– iPlus will always reboot twice (and not 2 or 3 times)
– Pass 2 visual feedback. Now users know what is going on
– PC/Mac program will not end until everything is really done
– Support for PPC
– No need to install libreadline on MacOS X

So, all you have to do is launch the terminal and perform the following operations :

Quick Guide :

  • Restore your iPhone to 1.1.4 in iTunes (from any firmware)
  • Determine your firmware using *3001#12345#* and restore to 1.1.4. It never hurts restoring to 1.1.4 though!
  • If it is a brand new iPhone, restore to 1.1.4 and then connect your iPhone to iTunes atleast once
  • Quit iTunes and iTunesHelper (Activity Monitor)
  • Download iPlus 2.0b, Unpack , open “Terminal” and cd to the directory where iPlus is extracted to and type: ./iplus -u (it jailbreaks, unlocks and activates your iPhone).


You need not install the libreadline for Mac OS X anymore, hence hassle free! Ignore the “Could not enable SSL” error message, it is a friendly error! Those all waiting for the safest unlock/jailbreak ever, time has come! This can also be used for installing installer.app with some necessary applications pre-installed! It can’t get any better!!

I recorded the entire process but SnapzPro errored out at the end 🙁 Anyways, my observations : I used the default payload and I didn’t even quit iTunes or iTuneshelper!! Everything worked straight out of the box! Amazingly simple, ZiPhone may be tossed now! Will test the same on a PC and let you know guys!


Update : Possible Youtube fix from Larry..

Sync iPhone to be sure you have good backup of data
Take SIM out of phone
Put iPhone into Restore mode and restore firmware using iTunes
When restore is complete, Close iTunes and Quit iTuneshelper and iTunes in ActivityMonitor
Leave SIM out of iPhone and unlock iPhone with iPlus following the procedure
When iPlus is complete, re-install SIM
iPhone is completely unlocked and all applications (including YouTube) function perfectly.


  • Kiran said:

    Frankly speaking, this issue is first of its sort as far as my iPhone experience is concerned.

    I would use BootNeuter to get your iPhone back to factory settings (3.9BL, and other possible options).

    Now restore iPhone to 1.1.4 and then use iLiberty+, I don’t see any reason why it should not work.

  • Prokophs said:

    My iphone experience it’s not the best so i would sujjest the following and tell me if it could be done.
    My iphone was a 1.1.2 OTB with 4.6BL.
    What if i restore to 1.1.4 original via itunes and then unlock it with iliberty but without checking the downgrade to 3.9Bl Fake.
    Sould i have any problems?

    Thanks so much anyway for your help.

  • Kiran said:

    Well, you might want to keep it at 4.6BL rather than downgrade it. No problems as far as I see.

  • Prokophs said:

    Kiran i will try this later on and i will let you know.
    Lets hope everything works fine like before but with 1.1.4 this time 🙂

  • Kiran said:

    It should work, I am sure! I see no hardware/software issue here. Hope for the best!

  • Prokophs said:

    Hey Kiran im back 🙂
    Well i tried the way i told you and things are still the same 🙁
    When i was on 1.1.2 everything was perfect. I just cant figure out what the problem is and why wifi keeps droping down moving from one app to another.
    I’ve run out of ideas 🙁

  • Kiran said:

    I have run out of ideas too 🙁

    PL post your baseband, modem firmware info…

  • David said:

    Hey kiran,
    I think I messed up my iphone by installing Hidepod from one of the sources and now the installer app isnt functioning properly.

    Here is what I did last night:
    Install Hidepod1.0.9 from Bigboss’s Apps and Things and it was the unregistered version. I wanted to see how the app worked so I opened the app and hide a video and than went to the ipod app in my dock. the video the i had hiden was still visible in my ipod but when i tried to open it (in ipod) would say “Error file corrupt cannot open” something like that. So i thought ok let me play it in Hidepod and it worked fine, but when I tried to revert it back to unhidden, it no longer plays in tha Ipod app. The video shows in the list of videos but when i open it, the screen goes black for 2 seconds and throws me back to the list of video. This is only happening with the videos i tried to hide, all other are working fine.

    What is more of a concern to me is that the installer doesnt work as before after I uninstalled Hidepod from the uninstall page. The problem being that I cannot seem to download any more apps, i tried with different sources but none work. It gives me the following error “Error: Package download failed”.

    So I dont know what i should do now? Any suggestions? any way to to reinstall Installer it self?

  • David said:

    Hey Kiran,
    I just tried to install and app and it gave me the error like before but i waited and i tried after like couple of seconds than i was able to install the app. All the sources working for me except for one. Can you try and see if this source is giving you the same problem:


    can you check out if you are able to download any appz from that source?

    Also I dont know but my installer has become slower, but i am happy that its not completely messed up. And one more thing, when you are using you iphone if you place your ear next to the phone’s speaker, do you hear a sssssss kind of noise? I do but only when i am using the phone.

  • Kiran said:

    You might want to delete the repos in question. the repo ending with .cn doesn’t seem very comfortable. Delete all the sources and then try installing the trusted sources, hopefully you will end up with a normal working phone saving a complete restore!

  • David said:

    ok i will do that. hopefully that will do the trick. thanks kiran.

  • Tom said:

    Hey guys
    i am currently running 1.1.1 fw is it possible to update my iphone to 1.1.4 without any problems
    thanks in advance

  • Kiran said:

    Tom : 100 % no problems! Actually there would be problems with any firmware below firmware 1.1.4 !

  • Tom said:

    thanks kiran
    I just didn’t wanna update my iPhone cause I wanted to wait ’till its really safe and 1.1.1 was the easiest fw to jailbreak though. Should I restore it to 1.1.1 fw first or can I just update it in iTunes

  • kiran said:

    Tom, you can directly restore to 1.1.4. Restore us the key here though! Interestingly, you find 1.1.1 to be stable!

  • barney said:

    my phone is coming up with no service i dont know if this could be due to english service O2 but mighty annoying if anyone can help and give me pointers on how t unlock my iphone i will have your babys lol (not really)

  • kiran said:

    Try putting it on Flight mode (settings – network) and back to phone mode. Chekc the signal reception. Nothing to panic, a firmware upgrade might do the trick finally.

  • Walt said:

    I Have a question for Barry or Kiran. I have the same problem. That means no network appears. I tried plaine mode, resetting network settings, resetting all settings. nothing worked! Can you help me?

  • Walt said:

    Sorry, his name is Barney 🙂

  • Krian said:

    Hi Walt! Pl check my post about Pwnage, it is the latest and better 🙂

    If you want to stick with 1.1.4, please restore to 1.1.4 and then try again.. Lemme know…

  • sundar said:

    i upgraded my iphone version 1.1.4 ( unlocked and i am using different sim not at &t) once again i upgraded to 2.2 through i tunes and get unlocked what shall i do

  • Kiran said:

    check my post about pwnage, iplus only works for 1.1.4…

  • adamwhat said:

    i cannot CANNOT downgrade my iphone to 1.1.4 firmware. it’s a 2g touch and it’s in version 2.0.1 and every time i try to do it in itunes (after putting it in restore mode and holding shift down to load the appropriate 1.1.4 firmware) it says that it can’t do it “error 5”. how do i do this successfully? i’m using windows vista

  • Link1981 said:

    I couldn't even find the terminal file you speak of to get this all done 🙁

  • Naren said:

    where do i get iplus 2.0 download

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