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First Ever Native VOIP client for iPhone Released – FREE

15 April 2008 2 Comments

Start your VOIP engines from the best device in the world! fring.com released a beta version of the[singlepic=11,320,240,web20,right] application and it works a charm! Various providers are supported including GTalk, SKYPE, MSN, ICQ, SIP and a lot more! This is the best application for chatting with your Yahoo, GTalk, Twitter, AIM,… contacts too!

A surprisingly cool Tuesday it has been with a Native VOIP application for the iPhone! If you don’t have a signal in your basement, switch to WiFi and connect with the world!

A wealth of features for fring can already be seen and played with by adding

http://fring.com/iphone.xml repo to installer.app… (fring.com)

I have personally tested all the features of fring for the iPhone and they work a treat! Pictures speak much better than me probably! Here they are followed by a video of fring in action by the author himself!

More screenshots ….

Update : Fring works only with WiFi to please Apple may be 😉 but with 3G round the corner – it would be really interesting!

Fring does run in the background – True multitasking!

Fring for now does not do the best of voice quality yet… probably in a full release we can expect some kinks worked out!

All you iPod Touch lovers might wan to invest in an iPhone and put the iPhone in Airplane mode or just don’t insert a SIM given that you have good WiFi access!

Thanks Nazim for testing this App in various scenarios @ work!!


  • gupmyster said:

    – Not sure what all the fuss is about… I can’t get it to subscribe to my Skype account.. its either overloaded due to massive interest or it simply does not work as advertised… well the pessimist in me says that I guess they have just harvested loads of skype account logins and passwords!!

  • kiran said:

    Check with logging into skype, it works fine with many accounts which I tested…

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