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uShow – Record and Upload Videos Straight from your iPhone

23 April 2008 6 Comments

After various attempts in the iPhone Video domain comes uShow – the first native application to record videos from your iPhone in a greater detail (think of the fps and stuff!). They initially wanted to open registrations for this product on April 20th but missed by about 3 days and now, here they are!

Picture 58.jpg

They are asking for the serial number of your which I am not sure if it is safe but I have a refurb iPhone handy, so will see if they give me a preview of the app. It sure is a promising application with features ranging from high quality video records to uploading them to popular video sites(Flickr, Youtube, MySpace, Facebook…) in one go! It might end up as a commercial application ($20 ..) but it will be well worth it!


  • Jason said:

    ushow – signup

    signed up 2 days ago..but haven’t got an email from them yet.


  • kiran said:

    I am waiting too.. He wouldn’t respond to press queries either…

    Lets hope its not a hoax since no videos were released either…

  • David said:

    so kiran is this app free for taking rightnow? i know the app called iPhone Video Recorder (nullsoft software) in installer isnt free so i was wondering if this is free.

  • Kiran said:

    David : They now say registrations are full. They were planning to release it after June 9th, might sound silly but that’s their game plan!

  • David said:


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