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Unlock iPhone 3G / 3GS with baseband 5.11.07 using Blackra1n/Blacksn0w [Step by Step Video]

3 November 2009 85 Comments

Geohot released blackra1n (jailbreak) and blacksn0w (unlock) for the latest firmware/baseband combo on 3G and 3GS iPhones for both Mac and Windows platforms!

Features of blackra1n RC3 :

– Jailbreak / Unlock

– Hacktivate or legit activation

– All Macs (Intel and PPC) and windows

– (Possible) Tethering option enabled


UPDATE : If you have 3.1.3 iPhone 3GS + 5.11.07 baseband and if blackra1n doesn’t work, try blacksn0w RC2 which can be installed by adding http://cydia.pushfix.info into Cydia sources. Please post a comment if you still have problems unlocking your 3GS.

Step by step instructions :

1) If your iPhone 3G/ 3GS is already @ 3.1.2 firmware with older baseband (using Custom 3.1.2 Firmware), you have no reason to do this! For 2G iPhones, BootNeuter is still a valid permanent unlock solution!

2) If your iPhone is 3.1.2 out of the box and has 5.11.07 baseband or if you accidentally upgraded to 3.1.2 firmware on iTunes, then follow the next few steps.

3) Visit Geohot’s blackra1n.com website.

4) Download either Windows or Mac versions of Blackra1n depending on what platform you are using!

5) Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch blackra1n application (blackra1n.exe for Windows and blackra1n for Mac) and click ‘make it ra1n’.

6) Your iPhone will reboot and you will see blackra1n.app on the homescreen. Launch it and install blacksn0w to unlock 5.11.07 baseband for any GSM carrier!

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Great job by Geohot. Please spread the word that iPhone unlocks will and always be free, never pay a penny to online scammers!

Image courtesy : blackra1n.com


  • Arun said:

    Hi Kiran,

    Wanted an "iPhone 3GS 32GB White, Brand NEW Sealed in box "
    Couldnt get where to post the comment in "Want an iPhone" section


  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    Hi! That was taken recently. Where do you live at?

  • Arun said:

    Hi Kiran

    I live in Bangalore, 3GS 16GB or 32GB anything is OK.
    I have friends who will be coming regularily from US.. let me know the availability and price


  • george said:

    i did all the steps. when i insert the t-mobile sim card it just stay searching and not founnd any network :S:SS:

  • Kiran said:

    Turn 3G off on your iPhone (settings -> Network)Reboot your iPhone and go to settings – > reset network settings

  • jody said:

    that does not work on my phone. done everything in this post and i still get no wifi whatsoever. i cant believe its this hard.

  • iLikeMyiPhone said:

    WiFi is a known issue. If it didn't work even after you restarted and
    restored to factory firmware, Apple may replace it for free (if under

  • rockstar said:

    I successfully unlocked my iphone using blacra1n but now i would like to lock it since its still on warranty period…is there a process for that too?

  • iphone_problems:S said:

    if anybody can help, i would kindly appreciate it! i got my iphone from the states, and my uncle sent it to me in croatia…he jailbreaked it for me with blackrain, etc., but my itunes formatted my iphone…after that i tried jailbreaking it, but it doesnt want too, it says succesfully jailbroken, but my screen on the iphone is black and does not seem to reboot…any idea on how i can fix this problem, because i really wanna use my iphone, but i cant unless i unlock it. it's an iphone 3Gs, version 3.1.3., OS windows vista home…thank you very much!

  • Danna Kinsky said:

    awesome kiran ! you rock ! just unlocked and jailbroke my iphone ! yeah ! me = happy.

  • kkiran said:

    you did it my angel, you did it!

  • jhaymeslovesiphone said:

    Hi Kiran, how can I jailbreak my iphone 3G having a 3.1.3(7E81) firmware and has a 05.12.01 baseband? And also I don't want to unlock the Iphone I just want to jailbreak it. my OS is window 7

  • kkiran said:

    Try the custom firmware…

  • Download Custom Firmware 3.1.3 IPSW – Jailbreak, Activate, Unlock iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS [Mac + Windows] | iLikeMyiPhone said:

    […] (for 4.26.08 baseband) to software unlock your iPhone 3G/3GS. If you have 5.11.07 baseband, blacksn0w RC2/RC3 (thanks Neema) should be used for […]

  • Alicia said:

    I ran the blackrain app, but did not see in the instructions about clicking Cydia at the same time. When I tried to install Cydia I got an internet connection error. I turned off the 3gs and rebooted. But now all I have is the apple logo and it does not seem to be doing anything else. Help! It seemed pretty easy at first.

  • kiran said:

    Disconnect the USB cable and put it back in…

    What firmware version were you on btw?

  • Alicia said:

    I tried taking out the USB and it is back in now. I have 3.1

  • Kiran said:

    I just hit the sack, will send solution tomorrow…

  • Alicia said:

    Okay, but now I have a new problem. My husband is freaking because we have sold this phone as unlocked – against my better judgement, but anyway, I was able to get it restored, but itunes restored it to version 4.0 🙁 so, even though I am not broken anymore, I am worried that I have made it harder to unlock. If this gets fixed, I will definitely donate.


  • kiran said:

    If it is previously jailbroken/unlocked, we can still unlock at 4.0… Check the latest post on this site about 4.0 custom firmware…

  • Alicia said:

    i donated for the first step so that i can get the downloads fars. hopefully I will not be working on this at 4am tonight.


  • Kiran said:

    Thanks for the donation!

    Now that you have 4.0 firmware, iOS 4 custom firmware is the way to go. Yes, it can still be jailbroken but not by this means (blackra1n).

    I will make sure it won't be an early AM ordeal!

  • Alicia said:

    Just to make sure, I am more interested in unlocking. I am thinking these both happen during the course of this fix?

  • kiran said:

    They are both inter-dependent… jailbreak first and then unlock..

  • Alicia said:

    I got an error 1604 when restoring with itunes

  • carmen said:

    My Iphone was unlook I update it by accident and my Iphonbe is look it again who I can unlook it my self ?

  • mukul said:

    download the software blackra1n an do it

  • rain said:

    i updated my iphone 3gs and now i cant get into my phone at all. What do I do???

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