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AT&T buys T-Mobile! US GSM market under one roof! iPhone unlock will soon be a thing of past!

20 March 2011 2 Comments

AT&T wasted no time in buying T-Mobile while Sprint were supposedly eyeing T-Mo. This is indeed great news for the consumers given the hassles with iPhone unlocking in the US GSM market. The 1700 GSM band that T-Mobile used exclusively for 3G network barred many iPhone users to compromise on data speeds to settle for EDGE speeds.

We can now expect the latest and greatest from Google and Apple – Android and iOS.

T-Mobile users, DON’T upgrade or buy any hardware from T-Mobile for now!

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  • naveed said:

    Kiran when are you planning to release custom cooked firmware for iphone 4.3.1 ???

  • jac said:

    I have a iphone 4.3.1 version on windows 3gs. How do i unlock and jailbreak it? please help

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