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iPhone 1.2 Spotted in the Wild – iPhone Dual boot, Project Pwnage Coverage

13 March 2008 7 Comments

The beta firmware limited to the chosen few is already in the wild. A guy from hackint0$h has it and he tried installing it too! He got this error while trying to activate, a lot stricter activation.


The news is so scarce about the restrictions imposed on the beta firmware but after the recent news from iPhone Devs Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone 1.2 beta really strengthens our hopes of seeing the iPhone in its full glory way before June ’08; the official launch date for the much coveted firmware. Just imagine the enterprise level access to the iPhone 2.0 features alongside installer.app applications – the best of both worlds!


iPhone Devs were not mum the past few months, they worked on a dual boot solution on the iPhone way before today’s announcement! Just imagine running 2 different firmwares in the same iPhone!!

Project Pwnage does much more than displaying a mere logo on the startup screen! It further enables the hackers/consumers to cook their own firmware versions with the best features (embedding your fav apps, jailbreaking/unlocking support built in) and lot more! We have seen this (cooking ROMs) a lot in Windows Mobiles area and now we can see it on the iPhone soon.

Check some pictures of the leaked firmware from iClarified.

I will post a link to the 1.2 beta firmware file here once it is proven to be safe for consumer level consumption! Until then, follow hackint0$h closely for updates 🙂


  • Tony said:

    Am doing my own development/testing on the iPhone and would love to get a hand on 1.2 beta. I applied to Apple but didn't get a response. Any chance i can get a copy from you?

  • Chris said:

    BEEN WAITING LONNNG for Direct Push Via active sync and other then the press release you post the first image/video I have ever seen of this being real.

    Can you please comment if you have done any testing with it – and how long I may have to wait for any level of code to test on my iPhone…. as long as I can repair the phone later (not completely brick it) I am happy to test anything for this feature. Without Direct Push my iPhone is not my primary phone anyways….

    Help 🙂

  • kiran said:

    Tony and Chris : Devs got hold of the new firmware, lots of bugs right now with the new firmware… they are working on implementing some of the features in the current firmware, give them some time and we might soon cook our own firmwares with the best features!

  • [EXCLUSIVE] Video featuring new features 1.2 beta firmware for iPhone | iLikeMyiPhone.com said:

    […] is a full video of the new features in 1.2 beta shot by Chronic Productions at hackint0sh. The new features noticed […]

  • Chris said:

    Kiran – THANKS….

    Yes – the net net is my iPhone is currently just a side toy until I can use it with Direct Push then (minus all or any shortcomings) it could become my primary single device. I would love HSPDA and the like – but currently Direct Push is a major need for me (critical)…

    The reason I am so desperate to test it – is to see how transparent it would be with our very large Corp deployment… As it stands now the beauty is I can grab any WM phone, and OTA synch in minutes – no matter what phone. I am ever so curious to try this on my iPhone (I’ve tried the shimms out there now but no luck) – and they are history after this.

    I would be willing to ROM my phone into WiFi only even to see if I could get this working. I have no issues with bugs if I could revert or upgrade later give what I need/use my iPhone for – I’d be glad to test with you…

    Kiran – keep me posted if at all possible and THANKS!!!

  • Chris said:

    Kiran – have you seen any more data on 1.2 or had a chance to touch it yet? Thanks for keeping us updated!!

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