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[23 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Ever wondered what the new AppStore looks like? Drunkenbass, the developer of first video app for iPhone has confirmed that after opening and closing his AppStore a few times and getting the “iTunes Connection” error, he was finally able to get to the new AppStore. The screenshots below shows that the AppStore is currently being tested and is being developed.
For the screenshots read rest of the story…

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[16 Mar 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

This is a full video of the new features in 1.2 beta shot by Chronic Productions at hackint0sh. The new features noticed are-

App Store
New Baseband 04.05.00.
A new icon for calculator and Mobile iTunes Store.
A new skin for calculator and also the implementation of +/- for changing the value from positive to negative and vice versa.
A blank section in iTunes reserved for some upcoming feature.
Multiple message deletion by selection in Mail.
Support for Microsoft Exchange.
A menu for deletion …

1.2 beta, dualboot, hack, hackinto$h, pwnage »

[13 Mar 2008 | 7 Comments | ]

The beta firmware limited to the chosen few is already in the wild. A guy from hackint0$h has it and he tried installing it too! He got this error while trying to activate, a lot stricter activation.

The news is so scarce about the restrictions imposed on the beta firmware but after the recent news from iPhone Devs Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone 1.2 beta really strengthens our hopes of seeing the iPhone in its full glory way before June ’08; the official launch date for the much coveted firmware. Just imagine …