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[16 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

Apple published an apology for the MobileMe mixup finally! They have indeed taken off the word ‘Push’ from any of MobileMe’s service descriptions on me.com too! The best part being a free 30 day extension of your MobileMe service. Apple clearly indicates that they will start using ‘Push’ word once the 15 minute delay involved in Mac/PC sync is ironed out. Have a look at Apple’s apology notice. Thanks to Pixel Fantasy at Flickr for sharing this information 🙂

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[15 Jul 2008 | 7 Comments | ]

The world is waiting for an unlock solution and iPhone Devs supposedly delaying the release of pwnage 2.0 (software which puts an end to ATT’s monopoly!) to combat the iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update which is about to hit your computers after a not so performance efficient iPhone 2.0 demonstration. Dev Team may be doing the right thing as we don’t want our iPhone 2.0 to be bricked after a minor software release shortly.

Some even went to the extent of calling iPhone Devs ‘publicity mongers’ while they have no commercial interests …

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[15 Jul 2008 | 69 Comments | ]

This is an effort to provide a quick and easy access to free stuff offered from iTunes Store. All you have to do is click here to launch the free selections offered every week. The URL launches iTunes with the selection.

The best part being access to free downloads right on your iPhone / iPod Touch. Just click the link and you can access the free downloads on your device! You don’t have to pay to experience OTA downloads from iTunes store. Some songs offered for free may be featured on …

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[14 Jul 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

So, you are the curious type and upgraded to 2.0 though you had no intentions of signing an official contract? That has some serious outcomes wherein you have 3 options after the upgrade to 2.0 :
1) Sign a contract with the updated iPhone 2.0, you don’t want to do that do you?!
2) Jump ahead to Sleepers.net, the best one out there! Pay close attention to DFU mode! Error 20 can be frustrating at times!
3) Wait for iPhone Devs to release an offcial tool (pwnage) real soon!
This post is an attempt …

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[10 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]

iFixit has done what they are so good in – cracking open to find the traces of hardware used! They travelled all the way to Auckland to lay their hands on the 3G iPhone which was released first in NZ for a change (time zone game!). Hardware is so much more sophisticated if not for way too many changes. Just that you don’t need to be an electronics major now to use the solder iron the iPhone 3G.
Join the iPhone 3G ride with iFixit now!
The screws are there on purpose …