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[9 Jan 2008 | No Comment | ]

Voice Recognition came by as a surprise – seriously, just imagine sampling a song and sending the sample for an artist check – everything sounds pretty complicated and thats where Erica rocks! She has some great apps under her belt and this will be a gem 🙂 Just imagine the hoard of possibilities once this application goes stable! We can search for an artist by hitting a button and speaking the ‘Artist’s Name’ and instantly play a tune/album! Call a buddy by their name rather than scrolling through the …

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[19 Nov 2007 | 85 Comments | ]

Well, now that 1.1.2 is released for quite some time now – why is the world not abuzz about upgrading to it? Mostly because – there is no reason to! Some say 1.1.2 sports better battery life while others say the iPhone performs faster (did it ever under perform?)!! For whatever reason, if you want to upgrade to the latest and still enjoy all the features (including unlock!!).Activating an iPhone 1.1.2 without iTunes is really a big deal because INdependence doesn’t support 1.1.2 yet and iDemocracy wasted some valuable …

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[12 Nov 2007 | 155 Comments | ]

Yeah, you heard it right! The best guide ever, just buy an iPhone from AAPL or ATT and sit there in the store and unlock it – the simplest it can ever get! You need WiFi btb!!No Mac or PC required! Unlock the iPhone straight out of the box! Save the money from investing in Unlocking software and use it wisely 😉
1. Slide for Emergency calls, dial *#307# press call, now use the back button on the top of your screen to remove *#307# , now enter 0 , …

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[5 Nov 2007 | One Comment | ]

A proof of concept showing how Apple iPhone can lead the bunch :
Apple buys installer.app for $1 million, we all donate a dollar each to cough up a million dollars to make the deal 😉 (Installer.app team shares the revenue with other iPhone native-app developers).
Come on, Apple created the best phone ever – alright but could Apple have at least imagined that an app like installer.app can be used to push applications on to the iPhone Linux style? Apple is learning already, how would they ever know about a TIFF …

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[4 Nov 2007 | No Comment | ]

Unlocking the iPhones – Who are the real losers? AT&T/Cingular or Apple? Both!!

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[4 Nov 2007 | One Comment | ]

It cannot get any easier. All we need is activating the iPhone using INdependence for Mac or iDemocracy for Windows and then proceed towards hacking and unlocking the iPhone!!
Once you activate your iPhone using INdependence, proceed to Online Jailbreak/Installer.app. We did not unlock the iPhone yet. Now, type in the following URL in your Mobile Safari http://iphone.blurgle.ca/repo. There you go. You have activated, hacked and unlocked your iPhone with the fewest hassles ever 😉 Now stop spending $5o on unlockers and donate few dollars to the iPhone dev team …

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[4 Nov 2007 | 8 Comments | ]

A very small review of iPhone Component cable. Firstly, I got it shipped in less than 1.5 days from China (probably bcos’ of time differences!). I ordered Mighty Mouse at the same time and I recieved after 4 days from California!!
My first complaint with the AV Cable – The smooth end points (plugs). They suck. I had a tough time unplugging them. Just imagine if you have to remove and insert all 5 cables (3 Video, 2 Audio). Yeah, they showed the same smooth plugs in ads but I never …

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[29 Oct 2007 | 59 Comments | ]

Yeah, you heard it right!! No more command line hacking or INdependence usage if you want to jailbreak your iPhone. AppSnapp is a mobile-safari tool which lets you Jailbreak your iPhone / iPod Touch and even installs the installer.app application! They even patch the Tiff Exploit which Apple couldn’t yet close! Here you go – Jailbreakme.com 🙂 (I tested it myself, no bricking or any issues with this first ever online hacking utility for the iPhone!) . What next after you Jailbreak using this technique? You get the dashing installer.app …

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[23 Oct 2007 | 22 Comments | ]

The word is out! We can now fully upgrade to 1.1.1 even though we corrupted our baseband firmware by using anySIM or iUnlock. iPhone Elite team released the Revirginize tool – a one step virginize script which saves you from a lengthy hack 😉 You have the option to backup your NOR and virginize your iPhone thereby claiming your lost iPhone Warranties, not to mention the corrupt IMEIs.
Download the script and enjoy 1.1.1 in its full glory!! Any questions? Proceed here.